Get Your $99 Pool Safety Inspection

Pool enjoyment season is about to go into full swing in Florida and we can't wait! Now is the time to make sure your pool is in the best working condition with properly treated water, and most of all: SAFE.

CM Custom Pool Design has posted on the topic of pool safety before and we take this subject very seriously. Right now we are offering a $99 pool safety inspection for homes in Flagler and Volusia Counties.

Our $99 pool safety inspection special is a very affordable way to ensure your pool is covering all the bases when it comes to protecting your family and guests. It will cover such important elements as main drain safety, fences, alarms, and vacuum suction levels. This $99 will be credited back to you if it is found that safety upgrades need to be done on your pool.

Don't hesitate to arrange for the peace of mind that comes with a full safety inspection by a licensed pool builder - get the summer rolling and your pool ready for fun!

Winter Chill Encourages Use of a Hot Tub

For two years in a row now, the Flagler and Volusia County areas of Florida have suffered record low winter temperatures. Residents are shocked to see frost on their lawns and ice in their waterways, as well as the sudden need for cold weather clothing such as hats and gloves.

In the Florida summer, we beat the heat with a refreshing swimming pool - in this unseasonably cold Florida winter, we should beat the freeze with a relaxing soak in our own hot tub or spa. Crank up the heat in a custom built hot tub, or get fast warming relief in an easy to install Dreammaker Spa from CM Custom Pool Designs.

Pool builders have the experience to seamlessly integrate your custom hot tub with your pool design plan. They can use the same mosaic tiles, natural stone, or other design elements to make your pool and spa installation stand out from the crowd. It is also possible to build a beautiful personalized hot tub that is your private sanctuary - perhaps hidden off the master bedroom or in a serenity garden.

Dreammaker Spas are the original and the best portable molded hot tub product that can be quickly and effortlessly installed by our technicians. Dreammakers are highly energy efficient and come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Dreammakers live up to their name: these spas make your dream a reality.

Contact CM Custom Pool Designs for your custom hot tub or Dreammaker Spa in Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, Daytona Beach, Deland, Port Orange, New Smyrna, or Ormond Beach.


Outdoor Kitchen Design by CM Custom Pools

Everyone has their own idea of a personal outdoor paradise in their own backyard. Many of us dream of a custom designed luxury swimming pool, splash pad for our children, or if you enjoy cooking and entertaining outside: a complete outdoor kitchen design that takes grilling and entertaining to the next level. Whether you envision a fully appointed kitchen to prepare meals or a bar for cocktail parties, CM Custom Pool Designs will construct your vision using the best materials for the job.

The Florida lifestyle often goes hand in hand with the outdoors and nature, as well as with water recreation during the warmer half of the year. The screen enclosed lanai of a Florida home can sometimes be even more grand and impressive than the interior of the home, because outside is where the family spends most of its time. Why should mom or dad be indoors making dinner while everyone relaxes in the fresh air or swims in the pool? Bring the kitchen outdoors for a combination of camping without the bugs and elegant poolside dining al fresco.

CM Custom Pools will assist you in deciding the best elements for your outdoor kitchen design whether it be grills or grill tops, side burners, sinks of any size, full size or mini refrigerators, and for the bartending aficionado their own ice maker. Compliment your Florida outdoor kitchen design with granite, stone, laminate, or custom concrete counter tops. The layout of the kitchen can easily incorporate outdoor design elements such as natural stone, ceramic or glass tile mosaics, bricks of all hues, and even weather resistant wood components such as cabinets.

Eating outdoors makes every meal more fun and every party more memorable - contact CM Custom Pool Designs today and start planning your own backyard kitchen with Volusia and Flager Counties' leading pool and outdoor design team.


History of the Swimming Pool

Ever wonder when and where the history of swimming pools began and led to? Historians have been able to piece together a timeline to chart the progression of the swimming pool over the millenia:

26th Century BC - The "Great Bath" at the site of Mohenjo-Daro in ancient India is most likely built during this time period. This pool was lined with bricks and covered with a tar-based sealant to make it hold water.

4th Century BC - Ancient Sinhalese create a pair of pools called "Kuttam Pokuna" in the kingdom of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. This is an amazing achievement in hydrologic engineering as well as an architectural marvel.

1st Century BC - The first heated swimming pool is built by Gaius Maecenas, a rich Roman lord, in Rome. Ancient Greeks and Romans had been building pools for athletic training, nautical games, and military exercises.

1837-1839 - Swimming pools have gained in popularity in Britain and six have been built in London by this time. Oxford builds its first public swimming pool.

1896 - The modern Olympic Games begins with swimming races, which spreads the popularity of swimming pools.

1907-1909 - The USA's first aboveground pool is built in the Racquet Club of Philadelphia. The first swimming pool on an oceanliner is installed on White Star's Adriatic. The Oxford Swimming Club is established in Britain.

Post World War I - Interest in competitive swimming begins to grow in the USA.

1925 - The Fleishhacker Pool in San Francisco, California opens as the largest pool in the United States and measures 1000 x 150 feet. The pool was so large that the lifeguards required kayaks for patrol.

Post World War II - Hollywood films spread the image of luxurious private swimming pools, creating a demand for homeowners to have one of their very own.

1959 - A concrete swimming pool building composed of two floors of horizontal cubes is built at the Royal Roads Military College in Canada.

1971 - The family of Coby Moore, owner of CM Custom Pool Designs, begins its involvement in the swimming pool industry in the Daytona Beach, Florida area.

2006 - San Alfonso del Mar Seawater, the largest swimming pool in the world according to the Guinness World Records, is completed in Algarrobo, Chile. It is over 3000 feet long and has an area of 20 acres.

Swimming in man-made pools has been going on for centuries and will continue to evolve with the future. Contact us to find out how you can add this ancient form of recreation to your home in Flagler or Volusia Counties, Florida. Let us help you create your own architectural marvel.


Splash Pads Never Go Out of Season

CM Custom designs beautiful pools and spas for you to enjoy in the warmer months of the year. When the air and water get too cold for swimming during our short Florida winter, the space taken by the pool is visually appealing but not usable. Splash pads, exciting playgrounds of water jets, simply become an extension of your patio during the chillier days and nights they are not in use.

Splash pads can be added to any backyard with minimal space requirements and they can be custom designed just like a pool. Splash pads are interactive, fun, safe, and clean. Instead of dragging your hose and sprinkler out to give the children something fun to do, just turn on the jets of your splash pad. CM Custom Pools offers the WetDek brand of splash pad, which comes in a six, nine, or twelve jet configuration. These splash pads can shoot water into the air as high as six feet!

Parks and other green spaces in Florida often include splash pads for family enjoyment. You can now bring the fun home with you to experience on a regular basis. The splash pad then becomes a great space for table, chairs, grill, or firepit when not in use as the coolest spot for kids to play in the yard. Check out the splash pad page on CM Custom Pool Designs for more ideas.


More Than Concrete Surfacing: Modern Options for Pool Decks

The plain concrete surfacing of most swimming pools of the past has been replaced in popularity with an array of functionally attractive pool deck options.

CM Custom Pool Designs carries a full line of RubberDek brand rubber surfacing for Florida pools - a soft but sturdy, flexible but comfortable type of pool deck that comes in a variety of colors and color combinations. RubberDek is especially perfect for anyplace that children are playing because it eliminates the hard surfaces and sharp edges that can cause injury.

Custom designed luxury pools often utilize elegant natural stone and tile surfacing such as pavers, flagstone, or travertine. This adds another beautiful compositional aspect to unique custom pools that might contain elements such as waterfalls, dive rocks, or other water features. Pool decks that stand out because of the inclusion of natural stone and tile in their design will also give a boost to property value.

Old reliable concrete can be taken to the next level with techniques such as stamping or acid stains. Another good option is the application of an acrylic over the existing concrete - this is stronger yet cooler than concrete and very weather and sun resistant. It can also be applied in different textures and colors, and is very easy to clean! Contact CM Custom Pools for questions about new decks or resurfacing of your pool in Flagler and Volusia Counties, Florida.


Luxury Custom Pool Builders from Palm Coast to Port Orange Florida

The exclusive high-dollar homes in northeast central Florida almost always have one asset in common from Palm Coast to Port Orange: a custom oasis of aquatic beauty, unique from typical backyard pools, which incorporates any or all possible water features and exquisite details. CM Custom Pool Designs is the local pool-focused company that builds these extraordinary pools in the area. These pools are the ones that you see in home design magazines and coffee table books.

Some of the elements you may see in the highest echelon of pool design include (for more pictures, see the Florida custom pool gallery):

- Water features such as jets, descents, rainfalls, fountains, and bubblers.

- Components which encourage socializing in the pool such as swim up bars and tables.

- Splash pads, slides, or kiddie size pools for the younger members and guests of the family.

- Intricate mosaic tile designs - CM Custom Pool builders is a known artisan of this particular craft.

- A variety of pool deck options including natural stone, rubber surfacing, textured concrete, or brick.

- Beautiful sculptural stone elements incorporated with or without fountains and waterfalls.

- Swimming pool sconces including animal heads such as fish, lions, and gargoyles.

- Luminous lighting components using LED, fiber optics, or floodlights.

The sky is the limit when it comes to designing and building a custom pool in Flagler and Volusia Counties. For questions or a free estimate on your dream pool, contact CM Custom Pool Designs of Ormond Beach, Florida.